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Growing Your Business

Growth Mentoring Service

The Growth Mentoring Service is a program modeled after the established and highly recognized MIT VMS mentoring program, which connects experienced entrepreneurs with a team of skilled volunteer mentors.  We use a group mentoring approach - a lead mentor coordinates a team of 3-4 mentors that meet together with the entrepreneur(s) in sessions that provide practical, day-to-day professional advice and coaching.  GMS mentors are matched based on their experience in areas of business.  Relationships between mentors and entrepreneurs are formed based on the needs of the entrepreneur and the interests of available mentors.

Quick Facts for Entrepreneurs:

  • GMS is a free service
  • Exclusively for entrepreneurs managing established businesses with greater than $100,000 in annual revenue
  • Expectations include at least monthly meetings during the first year of the program and quarterly meetings during the second year in the program
  • Participation in the program after 2 years is voluntary, your association with your mentor team can last as long as your business is active
  • All communications are confidential

Click to learn more about Growth Mentoring Services and to apply.

Advisory Councils/Mentors

After completion of one of our multi-week classes, graduates can participate in the structured Advisory Council program, which pairs a start-up business owner with a team of seasoned advisors. Directed by the business owner, the team meets monthly to discuss issues related to start-up or growth, give advice and suggest resources to move the business forward. 

Graduates can alternatively request a mentor who can meet one-on-one for one or more sessions to advise them on business-related issues. We also work to find mentors for individuals in the microloan program or those who come to us for one-on-one consultation, as our resources permit.

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

WBC’s peer-to-peer mentoring roundtable program is recognized as one of our premier business development programs. These fee-based roundtables are facilitated by highly qualified, experienced facilitators.

Participants, limited to eight to 10 women per roundtable, meet for three hours monthly.

Topics addressed include: organization, marketing, public relations, cash flow, employee issues and strategic planning, among others. Participants are grouped with noncompeting companies outside their industry, by: size of business (revenues and employees), length of time in business, and growth goals. Our goal is for women business owners to come in with issues and concerns, and leave with clear and practical ideas and solutions.   

Read more about Peer-to-Peer Roundtables along with information on how to apply

Workshops and Seminars

The Women’s Business Center offers a variety of seminars on a monthly basis on topics important to the start-up or existing business owner. These events are open to men and women. View our events calendar.


In business and have a specific business need? The WBC provides one-on-one consultation within our areas of expertise. We can make referrals to other partner organizations and business resources in many instances, as well. Request assistance or call Brande Stitt at (913) 492-5922.


The Women’s Business Center serves as an advocate for women-led enterprises. To help fulfill this mission, the WBC partners with Women in Public Policy (WIPP) to provide education to women on policies that impact their business growth, and to help influence policy at the local, state and national levels to enhance opportunities for women-led businesses. The WBC hosts WIPP meetings three times per year, and partners on special events related to access to capital and procurement. Check our events section for upcoming meetings.